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We Repair and Replace Windows and Window Glass in Atlanta

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If you need a window repaired, replaced or installed in Atlanta Email: Atlanta House Surgeons. We do window repair and installation very well. We do work on all types of windows including wood, metal and vinyl. If you have a older home or a historic home that has original wood windows we can repair and restore them in most cases. If you have a new home with a damaged window we know how to fix them to look like new. We repair and replace all windows professionally in Atlana.

Quality Window Glass Repair and Replacement Service

We replace single pane, double pane and triple pane glass in doors and windows in Atlanta. If you have a broken glass in a window and it is single pane it can be replaced on sight. In most cases we carry average size and strength single pane glass with us. We can remove the glazing that holds them in place and put it back after installing the glass. We can do an expert job. If you have a double pane window glass that is broken or fogged we can replace it too. Double pane glass has a gas in between the glass which has to be injected at the factory. We have to come out, check the size and type before ordering. It takes 2-3 days to deliver and install double pane window glass in Atlanta. If you have a French door glass that is broken or fogged we can replace that also. We can replace the glass and insert or grid. No matter what size door or glass you have we can replace it..

We can remove the trim or putty holding the glass and professionally replace it. If you have single pane windows and the putty is loose or falling off, we know how to remove and replace window putty professionally to make the window energy efficient and look like new.

We Repair Water Damage and Rot To Wood Windows, Trim and Molding

If wood windows are not properly painted and protected from water they can get water damage or rotten. In most of the cases we find water damage to window seals, brick molding or trim. If you have water damage to any of these areas we might be able to remove and replace the damage or sufficiently repair it. If you have a expensive window or window system and some parts are rotting from water intrusion, we can do repairs that are sufficient enough for continued use. We can repair compound window walls, transoms and bay windows. We have the tools and equipment to remove and repair any window part. We can cut out seals and replace them up to the window. We can repair rotted window frames and some window sash that have water damage.

We Repair Water leaks at Windows and Window Glass

We also repair water leaks at windows. If you have water getting in a window and don't know where it is comming from let us take a look at it. We know the places where water can get in and we know how to fix it. In some cases water can get in a window when it is raining hard and sometimes it can come in whenever it is raining. We can find a water leak at a window and fix it right.

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