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Atlanta House Surgeons has been in business in Georgia for many years. We do home improvements from roof to basement. We are an experienced Georgia licensed home improvement contractor.

Following are "thank you notes and letters" from previous home improvement customers.


I could not be more pleased. I had a security problem, a small but urgent job. You returned my call very promptly and immediately impressed me as quiet, knowledgeable and helpful. Without even seeing the job you gave me quotes with options for repairs and replacing a entry door- that cut through things a lot. The price was about what I expected, so reasonable, and made me comfortable to go ahead at once. As we went along you advised a type of security door should be installed also and bought it. Within 48 hours it was all in, looking good and your selections of materials - done without input from us - are great. Many thanks - and if you wish to add this to your recommendations on your web-site, feel free.
Atlanta, GA


July 3, 2000

Dear Mr. Paris Pressley,

Hi. We just wanted to say thank you for the attitude you had about doing the work and for the beautiful picture window. The money was less than anyone else and after getting the window fixed we called you to come back.

One of our bathrooms had dropped down at the bathtub around the wall. You gave a fair price for what you would do to the bathroom floor.

I will never forget you and your boys and ask the Lord to bless you and yours.

Mrs. McMillian
Thank you



October 24, 1994

To Whom It May Concern,

This is a professional recommendation for Mr. Paris Pressley, owner of Atlanta House Surgeons. I contacted Mr. Pressley in September 1994 for an extremely difficult job of completing a room addition started by a "non-professional", freelance person posing as a homebuilder. This person had began work on my home and later could not continue to the completion of this room mainly because he was not a professional and had created many building violations in the framing up of the room.

When Mr. Pressley came in to review the previous job done he was very professional and gave me his expert opinion of the violations involved but he assured me that even though it would take some time he could straighten out all of the problems with this room and complete it to look very beautiful and comfortable.

Mr. Pressley gave me an estimated time of completion, drew up a contract and began work immediately. He had to complete all of the outside of the structure, hang shingles, framing, correct the defective flooring job done by the previous person, siding work, painting, correct defective electrical wiring, hang windows, doors, etc. Throughout the job, Mr. Pressley gave me status updates of the progress, and what the next steps would be. He is always extremely professional and was always willing to answer any of my questions or concerns that I may have had with this room. By late October, 1994, Mr. Pressley had completed this room, corrected all building violations created by the previous contractor and I now have a beautiful, attractive, safe and comfortable addition to my house.

If you are considering Mr. Pressley for any type of remodeling, room addition or any home building work, I would highly recommend him and his company for the job as I have been extremely pleased with the excellent quality of his work and his professionalism in getting the job done.


Mrs. Charlie Mae Warner-Arnold
Advanced Systems Analyst
State of Georgia
Department of Medical Assistance



 Exodus Waits for Funds To Keep Youths on Job
By Cynthia Tucker 1980

The $2 billion that President Carter has asked Congress to add to programs for chronically unemployed youth may mean the difference between work and a welfare check for Debbie, a 19-year old Atlanta mother of two.

Exodus  Inc., an Atlanta community development project which has employed Debbie and 250 other Atlanta youths at various times over the past two years, is looking at the last of its federal dollars for youth employment.

Debbie is a young woman not yet out of her teenage years who has two daughters and who left high school in her senior year. She knows what the job market is like for her. Before working with the Exodus program, she was going to fruitless job interviews almost daily.

She is not optimistic about getting a job if the Exodus program ends. "Well, I would probably have to reapply for welfare. I don't want to do that. I like working and taking care of myself better. I don't want to just sit at home and collect a check."

While the program will probably get additional funds if Congress gives Carter the $2 billion he requested two weeks ago, the failure of the funding bill would cut Exodus' chances. And a U.S. Department of Labor official has said that getting the bill passed "ain't gonna be easy."

Many of the youths employed by the Exodus program fit into one or more of the categories that put them to an uphill battle with employment lines and welfare rolls.

John Smith who is 2o years old is in the program.  "In 1977, it was real hard for me to find a job, and I got in some trouble. I got a temper. When I want things to happen and they don't, I just can't take it anymore," Smith said. Finding another job, he added, "is getting to be a hassle."

The executive director of the Vice President's Task Force on Youth Employment has identified four target groups than suffer higher rates of unemployment: Women aged 16 to 24, high school dropouts, minority groups, and young people from poor economic backgrounds. Other youth groups that battle persistent unemployment are ex-offenders, teenaged parents, and the handicapped.

The chances of a young workers being unemployed are directly proportional to the number of these groups he belongs to.

Exodus, which has existed since 1971, also has street academies aimed at educating high school dropouts. Its youth employment program puts its employees to work rehabilitating houses that have been foreclosed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, mostly in the West End area. The Exodus workers have also landscaped in Carver Homes and done repairs on houses in the Grant Park area.

They are supervised by experienced carpenters who introduce them to normal working conditions in the private sector. Both the supervisors and the directors of the program are frank about the problems of the youth they deal with.

"These kids don't have the traditional role models," said Matt Johnson, director of the economic development component of Exodus Inc. Program.  Paris Pressley, 27, a union-trained carpenter, is one of the supervisors in the Exodus project. "I love 'em all. If you can get over the threats and them trying to prove they're physically and mentally better than you, you're okay.

"I came out here one day and three of them were asleep on the roof. I said, "Well, take three days off since you need some rest. And God knows, I hate to cut them out of even one day's work. They need the money," Pressley said.

When asking Congress for to add $2 billion to the $4 billion the federal government currently spends on 3 million poor youths, Carter called them "a class without any productive roles, who have dropped out into a lifetime of hopeless alienation where their inclination is to tear down the structure of American society."

Johnson talks of breaking the pattern many of these youth seem to fall into, but he knows that he and his colleagues are not always successful.





Dear Sir or Madam,
The East Point Ga. Office of NationsCredit has been doing business with Mr. Paris Pressley since 6-92. We have had Mr. Pressley to do the following types of home improvements. These are roofing, siding, door repairs, sink repairs, gutter repairs, soffit and molding repairs, floor replacements. Mr. Pressley has been professional at all times in working with this office and has done a very good job. The work that he has done was a result of a previous home improvement dealer that did faulty work. To this day I have not had any complaints on Mr. Pressley's work from any customers. I would recommend Mr. Pressley highly on any job that you may consider him for.

Theodore T. Cheatham
Senior Credit Specialist



October 11, 1993

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as a recommendation to use Mr. Paris Pressley and Atlanta House Surgeons. Mr. Pressley has done various repair and remodeling jobs on Georgia Power Company Property and we have been extremely pleased with the quality of his work.

Mr. Pressley begins and completes his work in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend him for any work that you may require in this field.

Should you need any further information or if I may be of any assistance to you in this matter, please feel free to contact me at 404-526-2415.

H. Dale Laney
Land Sales Specialist



Atlanta House Surgeons,

Thanks for everything! You guys did some great work and I will be sure to contact you anytime I need some work done! You guys are very professional, courteous and knowledgeable! Keep up the good work!
Jamison Johnson

Land Grading and Clearing Services

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